Our 2D & 3D animation projects include ads for well-known cosmetics brands, electronics & consumer products such as contact lenses. Our work can be seen in TV and online media platforms.

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OLAY: "A Magical Journey" Christmas Special 2018

The animation begins with a mother realising her youth within her dreams. She journeys to 4 different countries in a hot-air balloon and encounters magical elements in each city. 

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HUAWEI: The Future is Here

Through the lens of a VR headset, grandma is able to have a peak at her granddaughter's graduation ceremony even when she is miles away. 

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Marriott: Housekeeping

The Marriott Housekeeping training animation details a step-by-step approach in each space within the hotel property to their associates. 

Corsa Helmets: The Spirit of Corsa

The story revolves around a helmet engineer and his journey to discover what is important and the promises on the roads ahead. This is a series of 3 videos including live action and 3D animation.