Our creative projects include music videos, micro-films, commercials, animation and Live Action VR. We collaborate with different artists, actors, talents and social media influencers to create unique pieces of different media platforms.

qeelin grey.png

Qeelin - Bracelets

A web commercial featuring various KOLs, a simplistic studio shoot environment contrasts the playful performances of the talents to convey the playful yet elegant persona of the Qeelin Brand.

acuvue Grey.png

Acuvue - What's your Chic?

Web commercial for disposable contact lenses. "What's your Chic" This ad asks the audience to embrace their younger more adventurous side and let their hair down to have fun when using these contact lenses.

Seba Med

A web commercial featuring Nancy Sit 薛家燕 and her daughter Justina, where the latter mistakenly thinks "Captain America" wants her hand in marriage when in fact Steve Rogers has been in love with Nancy for more than 50 years, making for a cute and humorous short skit.

Fulum Mooncake TV Commercial 富臨集團

A mooncake TV commercial featuring Nancy Sit 薛家燕, pays homage to the classic Stephen Chow movie, The God of Cookery 食神, where we recreated her pivotal role as the culinary judge.

Catch Me: Taking You Places

The story features Jamie Ha as the lead who gives us insights on how she balances her active lifestyle with a dedicated attitude towards creating her own work. This is a series of 3 commercials that includes x1 1.5 min, x2 30 seconds videos featuring KOL/ Choreographer Valerie Lui and Stylist Cheryl Leung.

Apptive TVC: Stay Active

The mobile app brand video takes us through Shiga Lin’s adventures- from jewellery design workshops, group workout classes, laser-tagging, to cocktail mixing classes.

Infernal Affairs VR Series 超级网剧无间道

In collaboration with the original creators of Infernal Affairs online series, a 4-episode VR live-action series is created with the original cast and script distributed on iQIYI 爱奇艺.